Free Willard "Ali" Birts - Petition

Our friend & All of Us or None Organizer Willard "Ali" Birts is facing serious legal trouble. After dismissing old charges on the grounds of "insufficient evidence," the San Mateo County District Attorney decided to refile. It looks like the case will be going to trial mid-September.

AOUON Organizer Willard "Ali" Birts stands on the Capitol steps during the 2019 Quest for Democracy Advocacy Day in Sacramento, CA.

Now, after successful reentry in which he has a job, a stable residence, and re-connected relationship with his daughter, Ali faces spending the rest of his life in prison. That's in addition to the time and money already spend in jail, and currently while on an electric monitor (all while "presumed innocent"!).

Check out this video about Ali, then support Ali by signing the petition, which we'll deliver to the District Attorney and to the judge presiding over the case.

To the Honorable Judge Gerald Buchwald, San Mateo County Superior Court, and Nadia Hahn, Deputy District Attorney of San Mateo County:

I am writing in support of Willard "Ali" Birts. He is an outstanding person who everyday demonstrates himself to be an asset to our community. In fact, the health and safety of our community would be significantly less without Ali's continuous positive engagement and presence.
We call on you to drop all charges and allow Ali to continue to enrich our community unfettered from the criminal justice system.